• kris
    November 14th

    A good mix of styles in this new freestyle bit from the SFG crew down in Korea. It’s rare to see full team edits like this and these dudes deliver.


    May 16th

    SFG posted up this YNOT installation video that is pretty damn decent. You’d be surprised how often people need a little help putting in their straps so this is perfect. More god on Seoul Fixed.


    February 13th

    New stuff from the SFG dudes and the Mishka Korea team. Stoked to see Mishka still supporting fixed like this somewhere. Style in this one for sureee.

    December 19th

    I’ve been playing a bit of catch up from the weekend but am just a bout current. Here’s a couple things I just spotted on vimeo but rather than just posting ’em up why not link to some of the homies who already posted ’em up? Ready go.


    San Jose it still a hot bed for fixed freestyle despite people heading out to other parts of the country as of late. Valentin here is proof of that with some dialed bars and 3s. I see a xup bar in there too. Have to say that those loading dock banks are some of my favorite things to ride. Peep this for some San Jo street goodness. BHSK on top of this one.

    Over on the dark side of the we at TTv I rolled through this one. Rally with a farewell piece that is as unclear to me as it was to Thieth ha. Some good tech stuff in the mix at some familiar Korea spots. Bars for days and a tuck no wheelie 180 thats sick. As far as I can tell he’s still riding for SFG and YNOT?

    November 8th

    Mishka is still supporting the fixed freestyle life over in Korea and for good reason. When you have a group like SFG out repping you you have to be stoked. Here’s a little piece at that famous Korea bridge spot I’ve always wanted to ride. Looks so fun.

    September 28th

    Caught this one of the YNOT Korea dudes getting down. Pretty solid video with the tunes and the filming. Orange bike is looking sick. Dig it.

    July 16th

    I’m way stoked to post this one of WK from SFG up. If you’ve been in the game for a bit you’ve definitely seen some of the heap of content we’ve come to expect from Seoul Fixed Gear. These dudes have been at it for years now and it all started with WK right here. Some smooth flat lines plus a bit of park and street. Respect for this dude no doubt!

    February 14th

    Gwang has been popping up in SFG videos for some time now and he’s definitely nailing more and more stuff. So into that park under the freeway though. That thing looks damn near perfect for riding in the rain!

    June 20th

    This was up. Then down. Then converting. Now its up again! Fixie Picnic looks amazing. Pretty sure I saw some SFG and Planet Hops peeps in there, Ines Brun, mini bikes, races, sprints and what looked like a good time had by all. So sick.

    December 31st

    VM Project always come through with great video bits. Colors and editing are on point. Spotted this little New Years piece for Seoul Fixed Gear over on Zlog…its real purdy.