• kris
    July 9th

    Such a cool flick from Steven Jensen’s trip Shanghai recently. Has to be sick to be out there riding and even better when you come back with a solid edit like this. Some really fucking amazing spots in here and that last double to feeble 180 clip is so real good. Dig it.


    July 9th

    It’s absolutely amazing how good Steven is, and of course for a one day edit he definitely didn’t disappoint! The banger got me real excited! Check it out!

    April 10th

    Dug up this video from the Shanghai alleyca I posted about yesterday. The music might get to be too much and the video is a bit long but its definitely a cool look at the city. Apparently there were something like 600 people at this thing and they had to be released in heats…pretty massive race I’d say!

    April 9th

    Typically when you see alleycat flicks they’re more or less shots from the street of people riding. Nothing too crazy to look at. When I came across Davide Martini‘s shots from the event earlier I was pretty stoked on the perspective of a bit of them. Overheads, shots through crowded streets, maifests in mouths…just some stuffs a bit different to feast your eyes on. Here’s a few…check his flickr for more!