• kris
    May 6th

    If you’ve strolled around Oakland chances are you passed by Montano Velo. Jason and crew run a rad shop with plenty of stuff around to get lost staring at. A pretty good bit of inspiration right here…not to mention the purdy red Broakland hanging from the wall!



    December 16th

    I had never seen the guts of Factory 5‘s Shanghai location and hot damn is it a sexy looking shop. Known worldwide for their frames and accessories the brand has also maintained a strong presence on the streets of China’s largest city. Their current digs look as much a design studio as a place to shop some of the finer brands with a beer in hand. With their brand work being done in house the space not only looks rad as hell but looks more than functional! Grabbed a few photo for after the click and there’s a handful more on the Factory 5 flickr


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    June 30th

    Dave Beard just upped an old post that slipped under the rug featuring some cool black and whites from Destroy Bikes warehouse. He snapped some good stuff while at the Redwood City bike builders space. Sean and the dudes down there definitely run a rad shop cranking out everything from fixed freestyle frames to track bikes. More on Dave’s spot!


    May 14th

    Spotted some new stuff after popping over to Chari for the first time in a minute. These new ID Daily Wear x Chari shirts are looking dope. I’ve been into pocket tees a lot lately so I dig these for sure. They posted up a little shop tour video in case you haven’t had a chance to hit them up in NYC. It’s been a few years since I popped in but have the say the shop is looking real purdy still. There’s a few more recent drops from them so hit their store to peep the new new.




    July 9th

    John followed around Golden Saddle Cyclery locals Collin and Christian for some fun cruising the streets. A bunch of cool spots in LA that these kids do proper. Dig this John!

    GSC Babylon Riders from John Prolly on Vimeo.

    June 27th

    Oh man do I want this. Not that riding your bike with your board is too difficult but hell…if you don’t have to carry your board then don’t! Blind Chic. is keeping the cool stuff coming with this Lokál Skateshop collabo that lets you strap up your board and carry some goodies to the spot. Really into the board securing system on this bag. Two straps and a flap to make sure your four wheel are moving around while moving on your two wheels. Looks like there’s some protection from your grip on there as well Way sick one girls! This promo is pretty perfect too. Chill little ghetto ark sesh and a brew down at the water. Dig it.

    April 23rd

    Love BMX stuff like this…techy and creative. Boom. L’industricks bringing some cool stuff from France.

    March 16th

    When I posted up my video this morning i popped around to all the homies that I dropped logos for at the end. The iMiNUSD fam posted up this ad of Matt yesterday and it looked a little too crispy not to posted up. Way sick!

    February 27th

    Oh this is a good one! Computer is about to die but check this. Solid riding for Grip Bike Shop.

    February 19th

    This reminds me of the old Oak Park Bike Kitchen! You can really score some good vintage stuff at bike co-ops if you dig a little…not to mention how much they help the community get out on some bikes! Krank It Up! is keeping it real inTallahassee Florida if you’re out that way and looking for a place to work on your bike or pick some stuff up on the cheap.