• kris
    December 18th

    Shred with yet another dope edit for the Aurora brand this time with David Pili. These dudes always go in on the editing plus the tricks in here are dialed. Creativity and yet again some of the sickest spots I’ve seen!



    November 8th

    First place winner of the Nucult video contest was worth the wait. Shred Crew never fails to deliver with their creatinve editing and equally creative riding. Dudes know how to put an edit together. Some cool tricks in here…those round spinning things are so fun.




    April 10th

    Always into some B-Roll stuff and when it’s coming from the Shred dudes its bound to be sick. Such a good mix of bails and random clips to keep you entertained all the way through. Baby bikes,  broken bars, a bit of fire and a lot of pain I’m sure. All in all this is one pretty damn impressive collection of the Shred crew eating it harddd but having fun doing it. Perfect. Dig this a ton.



    April 5th

    The dudes at Shred are having a little sale to clear out some of their goods. Hit up their store and snag whats left at 30% off before they drop some new new. That tide die jam is sickkk.


    March 7th

    David from Shred sent over this official Zontrac welcome bit for Laurent. He just got on the team a few days ago and I’m sure he’ll be a good fit with their pretty diverse setup. Lots of rad European spots and solid riding from Laurent. That 180 x at 1:17 was toooo clicked. Late start to the day on here but this is a good way to do it for sureee.



    March 4th

    Zontrac seems to be on a roll snatching up some of the more solid dudes from around the world. Laurent Pili is the newest addition to the crew and should rep Geneva proper. Here’s a flick from the Zontrac and his rad intro edit for Shred. Peep both and support! Sick to see Pili in some media two days in a row too.





    March 3rd

    I’m certainly not opposed to the word and this shot from the Shred dudes is pretty rad. Dig that IMD shirt in there too. Its Sunday Funday yall…bout to get crazy on here. Pili starting it off haha.


    February 19th

    Some new Shred Crew stuff to start off the morning. One again the dudes kill it with editing and tunes on this Pili bit. Europe has some wild spots I wish I could check out. Chill vibes in this one. Dig that feeb 180 footplant.


    December 25th

    Ricardo Lino’s Christmas 3:30 is just about ready but in the mean time peep this dope Shred Crew santa time edit. Santa suit is pretty much the coolest thing I’ve seen today…aside from the fams haha. Wet cold winter shred with some sick tricks from the dudes. Santa wallride chain hop was rad ha. Thanks for sending this through guys…merry Christmas!

    November 28th

    Looks like the Shred dudes are back to putting in work. That Pili photo yesterday then this sick bit they teamed up with Falski on. Some good stuff in the mix. 180 X was one of my favs.