• kris
    February 14th

    I finally watched this yesterday for the first time and was so stoked. Thinking the Grime dudes have just brought the best fgfs video currently out. Such a good mix of styles from all the dudes and plenty of candid type stuff in the mix. Not going to try picking out stuff from a 40 minute video of good shit but there’s lots of it in here. Matt’s wall to wall to wheelie 180 was so good. Devos style is on point. Corbin has that walking style on lock. Ed’s hollywood toothover. Mikes weirdy style…I could go on and on but just buy it here and watch it yourself. Peep the promo and intro below to get hyped…and go drop 5 bones.




    February 13th

    Since everybody is impatient and the Grime dudes love you Shredwell 2 will be available online tomorrow. Happy Valentines day. Ill be buying it and watching it with a big box of chocolates. You should too. Itll be right here!


    January 21st

    I really wanted to make it down to iMiNUSD for the Shredwell premiere but had to stay up here for a little family birthday festivus. Luckily J was down there and did up this event coverage of the riding day of for BHSK. Looks like a good time and there’s some super big stuff in there. Peep it.

    January 2nd

    This is a game changer right here and likely the best FGFS video to date. Matt killed it with the editing on this trailer for Shredwell 2 and it all looks so professional its retarded. Multiple angles, good filming and that crew vibe that reminds me of old Shortys videos. This is a must see and sure to get you stoked to hit the streets. So god dudes. So good.