• kris
    March 3rd

    A little treat from Ricardo Lino with his clips from the recent Shredwell 2. Video was killer as a whole but only because everyone went in for their parts like Lino here. Dig it.


    January 28th

    Ratpack coming through with more from the Shredwell Two premiere a couple weeks back. Lots of stuff we hadn’t seen yet incuding that bar dismout at the end by Slum haha. His peg work there has me wanting to toss mine back on. Again looks like a rad day.



    January 16th

    Ok. I need to get to this. You know iMiNUSD puts on some of the best premieres/parties and this is for Shredwell. Bound to be a good night for all. Get there its going to be wild.


    April 20th

    This is going to be epic. Grime crew puts in more work than most and it shows. For a trailer this sure has some gnarly bails and lead ins for what I’m sure are some dope tricks. Can’t wait for this to drop!