• kris
    October 28th

    Crank Arm Steady has bringing some serious races as of late. A good turnout and some solid night video of the second Holy Crit! for October. They threw one of these last month and had the same top two finishers with Faz Adhili taking first both times. Always hearing about that dude killing races out in Singapore. More stuff on the CAS blog!



    September 11th

    Rad cruising mix from The Sleepers of the CBNC and PeonFX cruising their cities. The mash up came out nice and makes those collabo tees look real nice. Look for those once they drop!



    May 31st

    Sometimes it takes a bit longer to get around to things than you originally thought. That doesn’t mean putting some lost footage together into something is ever a bad idea like with this Tour of Singapore bit from CAS. Its from a couple years ago but this ride has always looked super fun cruising through Singapore. More on Crank Arm Steady.



    July 25th

    Crank Arm Steady with a fun stroll through Singapore with Chas and Crihs. Looks like they decided to extend their Fixed Fest trip a little longer than most which I’m sure was sick. Been wanting to hit Singapore for some time now so this looks mad fun!

    Chas & Crihs are in town from Crank Arm Steady on Vimeo.

    May 2nd

    Last year Tales from the Crit got a good amount of attention and with good reason. It looks super fun! It’s coming back for a second year packing a ton of sponsors. Here’s an initial teaser video for the event…peep the official site for more!

    February 9th

    I cannot wait for the full version of this! Crank Arm Steady definitely puts on one solid event in Singapore every year. I was really hoping to make it out to this in 2012 but damn it I don’t think it’s going to happen. Guess I’ll have to live vicariously though the video once it’s released!

    June 20th

    This ended up missing my inbox for some reason and I just dug out of my spam. Looks like a blast period…but especially for Singapore’s first ever Goldsprint even! Ugh I need to travel.

    December 8th

    Yasin from Crank Arm Steady sent this over to me this morning… i was busy getting the new ride together but here ya go! A predecessor to the main event this weekend expect to see some more coverage after the event!

    October 15th

    This seemed like a pretty successful event last year from the Crank Arm Steady peeps. They promote this thing hard and in a bunch of ways…like the Lupe Fiasco shout out. Ha. This wall piece from Killer Gerbil is looking sick. If youre out that way hit up the Tour of Singapore for sure!

    December 14th