• kris
    June 2nd

    Missed this one from Wolfdrawn but definitely proper enough to post. A cool sesh at the infamous Skatelab with Spencer and Milner. Good tricks and a good look for FGFS at the park. Last 30 seconds are dope but click for the whole thing it’s definitely proper.


    March 8th

    Oh yes for some black and white video. Ha. Mon bringing some fresh stuff with a good mix of tricks and spots. So much sick stuff could be tossed at that skate park and I’m feeling some gappage…it’s been a while!

    March 7th

    I meant to get this Grime bit up a couple days ago. You’ve already seen it. It’s fire. Watch it again.

    September 13th

    Ive done stuff like this…all nighters then on the bike when the sun wakes up. Good song :).

    July 18th