• kris
    May 11th

    Cool little park flick from Justin Schual. Getting weird on the pegs in this one with more grind combos than hooker at a night club. Feeble three tap smith was gold.




    May 7th

    When Boothby asked about premiereing a video on the site I had not idea what to expect just that it would rule. A few days later and he’s ready to share this gem promoting his new branding “Boothby FGFS”. He’s been hard at work establishing a direction and putting together dope clips like these. Good beginning to end…but what we’re really here for is that flair. So damn sick. Be looking for more from Josh here real soon!



    April 23rd

    Young guns slaying the park in this one from Justin Schual. Some good lines in the mix from him and Coda Hampton. Dig these night at the park edits.




    March 4th

    This is about a good as it gets when trying to get that food out of your teeth. Perfectly dipped toothpick shot from GoodMorning TheFuture.


    November 25th

    Mellow park sesh with some rad stuff from Justin Schual. Crook 180 full cab bar?! Real talk.




    November 7th

    Some clips of Ricardo Lino in this park flick from Portugal. Looks like a good setup and that unluc-e was too smooth.




    October 20th

    Cool flick from a little 3 hour shred at the park. Some god clips in the mix like that rail double peg.



    August 28th

    Some damn good stuff in this park jam from Jared Swafford. Dude’s got some bike control with that hang 10, fakie whip and too many other clips in this that are solid as hell. Watch this one a few times and be on the lookout for him to be dropping his BMX sponsors soon. Dig this.




    July 21st

    Sometimes you can really make the best of a little park like this. Feeble hop over smith, 180 fakie feebs and plenty of grind/bar combos in the mix to keep it interesting. Dudes have some good bike control. Dig it.


    June 14th

    Ricardo sent this rad park line through that is just too smooth. Good little mix of tricks with some creativity there at the end. Good way to start a mellow Friday.