• kris
    November 2nd

    The 3B SLC boys are back with a proper full length mix of track and freestyle goodness. Plenty of skids and wheelies as they rip up the city on their track machines. If you’re looking for something a bit more tricky the middle section has plenty of fresh fixed freestyle from the FOADies. Grab a cold one and sit back for a solid 20 minutes!


    April 27th

    This just might be the world’s longest skid…or at least one of the most entertaining. Gotta dig the teamwork when things get a little sluggish. Time for some new rubber!


    August 24th

    Burnin’ some rubber…can almost smell it!



    March 10th

    I remember when these came out as a tee some time ago and now the “Oh God” graphic can be hanging on your wall. Ty at The Foot Down nailed it with this at the height of leg over skids and aero spokes…still just as good. Grab one right over here.


    August 1st

    Some same day of coverage from the CMWC’s going on right now in Lausanne. Best trick clips, skids and some of the sprints.  For more updates from this year’s Cycle Messenger World Championships hit the official facebook. Worth mentioning that the shots and editing on this are pretty spot on.



    July 8th

    Man this shot from Father Tu takes us back a bit to the early days of fixed freestyle. Crispy leg over skid. On a track bike. Summer vibes.


    March 14th

    It’s obviously no Valentine’s Day anymore…but these are both pretty cool ideas. Not sure I’d have the patience to do either of these but of course the girls end up doing more work with the skids. Hahaha wow. I’m not actually sure they skid those letters on there judging by how dark they are and the fact that one of them is running white tires. Still a good one even if Valentine’s day is a crock.

    January 24th

    This is so sick! I’ve seen people skid through fire. Seen people skid while on fire. Never have I seen someone spark something up with a skid. Pretty neato idea right here. K@nt! doing some cool stuff. Sure something sick is on the way!video

    June 8th

    Looks like a killer time at Barcelona Extreme Festival with Cream Bikes and Things. For some reason my brain started wandering off while I was watching this wondering about if and how I could move to Barcelona. Haha.

    March 16th

    Seeing all these event videos really makes me want to put something together. Im thinking in the next month or so we’ll have something popping like this super chill looking one out of Singapore.