• kris
    March 16th

    Heading to NAHBS this year Russia’s JAM Bicycles Hyperspace was one bike we knew we had to snap. From the killer custom paint to the homegrown Raketa parts this thing is more than drool worthy. Click through for the details on this bad boy!




    JAM 1 -1 Read More….

    February 21st

    2017’s NAHBS is fast approaching so a look at Tony Spray’s paint technique from last year’s “Best Track Bike” award ismore than welcome. Dead Cyclist catches show that the time going into a project like this is often mind blowing and that the end result makes it well worth it. We’ll be at the year’s NAHBS in Salt Lake City so be on the lookout for coverage next month!



    October 20th

    FOAD‘s long awaited “The Good Times Are Killing Me” is releasing this Saturday with premieres all over the globe. If you’re in Sacramento you’re in luck as we’re teaming up with Velo Trap to be of the first to screen this bit of epicness. If you aren’t lucky enough to be near one of the events hang tight ’til Monday with the full video hits the web! We’ll be starting at about 8pm with the actual screening at 9 so if you’re local be sure to swing by…




    May 5th

    Another for Dodici from Jake Matsukawa up on the streets of SLC. After an already long week I’m digging this mellow vibes in this one with the weekend creeping up. Stay on 3Bs for more track slackin’!



    April 20th

    Creep through the night in SLC with Jake Matsukawa on his Dodici. Some of the best riding goes down after the sun drops and with this one you can see why. Keep up with the 3Bs Krew for more good like this!



    April 5th

    Jake from SLC’s 3Bs Crew recently put this bit together for spot on Dodici. Everything coming from these dudes is nothing short of fun and at almost 5 minutes this one should get you in the mood to cruise. Good to see Sam Allgood still putting in work behind the lens too!


    November 2nd

    The 3B SLC boys are back with a proper full length mix of track and freestyle goodness. Plenty of skids and wheelies as they rip up the city on their track machines. If you’re looking for something a bit more tricky the middle section has plenty of fresh fixed freestyle from the FOADies. Grab a cold one and sit back for a solid 20 minutes!


    April 17th

    This new one from Sam Allgood and the FOAD dudes is a good way to head into the weekend. After a week of slaving away there’s not much that beats a couple of cold ones and letting loose on the track bike!




    January 12th

    Nothing like good times on the track bike and the 3B’s crew sure knows how to have ’em. Ride alone with Jake Matskukawa as he has some fun bouncing around chilly SLC. All that playing in the snow makes me me wish it dropped down here a bit!


    June 16th

    Salt Lake City was a bit of a strike for the premiere but luckily the FOAD crew has upped Gang Signs for everyone to feast their eyes on. From the intro to the friends section this flick does not disappoint. If there was one reason why I still ride fixed freestyle it would definitely be creativity…and this has a ton. I loved this beginning to end.