• kris
    March 8th

    The homies at Slurp Cult are trying to clear out some inventory to make room for new goods. That means you get a deeeeeep discount on some rad gear. Hit their store to swoop EVERYTHING for 44% off (excluding their dope new raglans with good reason!) with the code “44OZ”. They sold out of everything the last time they did this so get to it quick before its too late to stay frozen.

    Also, be on the lookout for a little something we’re working on together…not sure what itll be just yet but im stoked.



    December 19th

    The Slurp is about to drop its Holiday collection in conjunction with the end of the world. There’s a sneak peek by way of lookbook up on their bloggy. Head over there if you aren’t frozen enough yet from the weather and grab some goods. Some good pieces in there…those pink hoodie string things are too sick.