• kris
    January 22nd

    Always stoked on some good vibes from Slyfix. Cool too see stuff from around the world and these kids are trying to learn everythinggg.


    November 5th

    You can always count on Slyfix to drop a nice little compilation video on the regular. Here’s their latest one with a mix of spots and tricks to check. No harm in some Beastie Boys either. Dig it.


    June 19th

    This kids got some skills! Flat trucks, 180 tucks and some other gems in there. Slyfix has been stepping up their game for a bit…check this one.

    SLYFIX – Sonny ony from SLYFIX JAKARTA on Vimeo.

    April 16th

    Every one of these Slyfix joints looks like a good time. DUdes just make sure they get out and chill every Sunday. Jakarta is always looking like a cool spot to ride too…a group from the states should mob over there!

    April 9th

    Slyfix letting the good times roll as usual. I can’t ever get enough crew videos…just looks so fun. Dig this one up in here up in here.

    March 12th

    Another one form the Slyfix crew in Jakarta. Just a mellow sunday sesh with a bunch of friends. How dope does Jakarta look for riding?! Would so like to head there!

    March 9th

    I was in the process of getting this up yesterday…but now you can watch it today! Ha. If you haven’t seen this Slyfix piece check it out. Some pretty dope bits in it.

    February 14th

    Oh what?! This dude is straight killing it in this. Truck, 360 tire grab, plenty of bars, fakie wheelies and a bunch of spinning in this. Really stoked on this one!