• kris
    February 3rd

    It’s not uncommon for people to pick up a second or third model of a frame when they were stoked on their first setup. However, it is pretty hard to do when you dealing with something as rare as the small Japanese label M-idea. This is Smither’s second go-around with the NJS brand and is by far my favorite of the two. He went above and beyond this time around snagging a matching 75/Zen combo to top everything off. The frame itself if gorgeous enough but as usual this kid knows how to put ’em together. Click through for the full set and peep his last good idea here!



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    February 27th

    For a while now I’ve been wanting to ad a little something like this to the bike checks on the site. Naturally when I meet up with someone there’s bit of cruising for a spot and maybe some followup brews. More or less “photo shoots” aren’t just a few quick photos but rather a fun couple of hours really enjoying cycling. Whether it’s tricks, cutting through cars or sipping something tasty it’s always nice to share the experience. The plan is to put together a short feature like this for all the rides in the future so stay tuned!






    PS: Last clips was some bum riding off with my bag of camera/computer equipment. Literally almost most lost my shit!



    For the original post of Smither’s Samson Illusion jump here:



    Imagination – Just an Illusion (Correct Claps Remix)

    February 23rd

    After spotting Smithers rolling around on this bad boy last week I had to get a few photos before it went bye bye. I’ve been a long time fan of Samson builds and he grabbed this Illusion already hooked up nicely. From the Jag stem to that front wheel lacing this one’s pretty easy on the eyes. Click through for a full set and check back tomorrow for little video feature!


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