• kris
    August 29th

    So it’s been quite some time since I got these fancy straps from Jonas at Sofus Franciso. They’ve spent about six months on my Pista that I use for transportation ans for messengering in Sac now. They’ve got hundreds of miles on them from cruising the trail and survived some heavy tugging from some nice hills. Sadly my bikes spent a few nights locked up out in the rain when I…ummm…didn’t didn’t feel capable riding anywhere haha. Through all that they’ve seen they’re not only still holding strong but are actually more comfortable and better than ever as they’ve been broken in. Here’s a little breakdown on the things I love about the Titan.

    Durability: Through falls, rain, tons of riding and work these bad jammas have no tears or and real signs of coming apart. The buckles are still holding the straps to the pedal like they did when new and the threads look just about new. There is a small spot on my non drive side from letting it scrape the ground every day. I often use my left foot to slow me down to save tires when I’m broke haha. Regardless the strap is still holding strong not showing any signs of coming apart!

    Comfort: From the day I got these on my bike I dug the way they felt. They haven’t caused any tears in my shoes from the hardware like some straps. There’s been no awkward pinching on my feet or pain from them being too tight. What I love about them is that they’re leather and as leather gets weathered it breaks in so nice. The Titans are soft but sturdy now and feel good to pull on when just riding or grabbing for some skids.

    Fit: Some straps are notorious for breaking in and being too flimsy and awkward to get your feet into. Others can be too tight on your feet or too narrow to get into quickly. These guys have held their shapes up till now with no signs of breaking down. My feet pop in and out with ease and I’ve yet to eat shit from being stuck to my bike haha.

    Bottom Line: The Titans are strong, durable and way comfortable. They’re one of the better straps I’ve ridden (believe it or not there’s been a few :)). I’m just hoping I can get my hands on some of the new Titan [Pro] jams!

    June 6th

    Gotta love what the friends at Sofus Francisco are doing! Peep this nice bit from them and what they did over the weekend. Dig the filming and editing as usual!

    May 23rd

    Missed a couple exciting things from my good friends at Toro dropped recently! First up they got their first sets of Toro Edition Sofus Francisco straps in just over a week ago. The Tigh10 Pro straps are looking real nice with the updated colored hardware, stronger nylon and different width. I let Brian from Toro test out on of the Lockedcog [Titan] sets I got and he loved them enough to get things set up with Sofus. I definitely dig the [Titans] on my Bianchi…things have been rained on and ridden real hard but have stayed as comfy as ever! Look for my review on those to finally be up soon…

    Looks like they got some vinyl done too…i love me some stickers. Gonna have to ask where they got these cut so i can get some fresh lockedcog jams too.

    March 22nd

    This jam from Sofus Francisco is a bit long…but im digging the colors, the filming and that bit of trick track style in there. We need more foot plant spins in this game! Bring ’em back.

    March 21st

    So this is the bike i bought after getting my tax return instead of picking up a new camera. Looking at how quality these shots are from my phone I’m wondering if that was the right move…a certain someone was pretty convincing though haha. This thing sat at Pedal Hard for months with my name on it waiting for me to pick it up. While it waited I acquired some mice parts to test out have finally been able to give them a go for a bit. I’ll be writing a full “Testing Testing.” reviews on them this week but hopefully with some more detailed shots than what i have below. The Toro leather bar tape, Sofus Francisco straps, Yobi track ring and Selle Royal seat have all peformed great to say the least. I’ve logged at least a couple hundred miles in the past month both on long rides and crusing the streets. I’m loving this bike…but miss having a camera haha.

    Frame/Fork: 80’s Bianchi Pista (not sure on year…I’m sure someone knows!)
    Headset: Itailian made…not sure on branding.
    Bars: Nitto B123
    Bar Tape: Toro Quality Goods leather wrap
    Stem: Nitto Dynamic
    Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Record
    Cranks: Miche Primato
    Pedals: Eighthinch platforms
    Straps: Sofus Francisco Titan (lockedcog edition)
    Chain Ring: Yobi Sprinter track ring
    Seat: Selle Royal ContourRoyal
    Seat Post: Sugino SP-KC
    Wheels: Eighthinch Julian V2 (the wheels in the photos are a borrowed set but will be replaced this week)

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    February 4th

    Cool little a from Jonas and company for their Titan straps. Still waiting to piece together my fast build to really test these bad boys out…but from what ive donw with them so far I’m real impressed!

    December 30th

    As many of you know i don’t run straps on my trick bike and likely never will. I’ve tried out a couple pair of Hold Fasts and loved the feel of them but still couldn’t get down on tricks with straps. However, when putting together a fast bike or something just to cruise on im all for some sort of foot retention. A few weeks back i got in contact with Jonas of Sofus Francisco about his [Titan] straps. I was curious if there had ever been a review on the classy looking bits and also filled him in on my latest build. For the vintage Bianchi track build i wanted to stray from the normal cages and leather doubles but keep the thing looking moderately classy. I remembered seeing the [Titan] a while back and having posted a bit about it knew what i was looking for. Jonas was down for some testing and hooked it up with some custom straps that read lockedcog on their inners and in a couple snazzy colorways at that. Im loving the leather look! I actually put these on before my ride home last night to give them a little tester and they felt super good! Real comfy and way easy to get in to. These came off before i got a chance to take photos of them mounted to pedals but ill post an update with those this weekend. Peep the specs and photos below and be on the look out for a full review once i put some time in on them!

    (Perhaps ill hit a few spots with them on too and see whats up trick wise…no promises though haha)

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