• kris
    March 6th

    It’s been a while since the Ninjacats were putting out freestyle content. The kitty slumbers no more. Sol sent through some choice flicks last week from the current issue of SPOKE magazine. Not only did he snag the cover and a feature in a solid German cycling magazine but he assured me that footage is on the way. For now we wait…


    March 25th

    I’m pretty sure Sol sent this over to me this weekend. I say think  because he seems to be taking down and reopening his facebook accounts so at this point its a bit hard to keep track. Fitting for his off the wall style. This also may or may not be a teaser for an upcoming 3:30 form Sol. We’ll see…either wat this shot is pretty damn brutalll.


    March 13th

    Sol has one of the wildest styles ever. Reminds me of some raw early 90’s skating. That plus this editing on this come together to make a sick Zontrac bit for Sol. That line at 1:29 looks sick…whips around super quick. Long nose manny to cap it off too. Peep.


    Also, be on the lookout for something here on the site from Sol…going to be dopeee.



    October 30th

    Spotted a few cool 3d gifs of Sol over on the Ninjacats spot. Hopefully more people start doing shots like these…always neato. There’s a couple more over on their bloggy so peep those too. Kind of a creepy halloween feel to these. Dig it.

    September 30th

    Sol is usually pretty out of control with his buck ass riding and weird style. Seems fitting for him to be jumping off some weird stuff into some weird stuff for the BB17 ad. Looks like a dropper over a rail into this picnic area. Dig it. Ninja Cats keeping us on it.

    July 16th

    Here’s one from over the weekend that needs to go up! Sol repping BB17 and Spike in this undeniably raw piece. Such a buck style going for everything in this. A few cool and creative hits in here as well. Sol don’t play games! Hiyameow.

    June 22nd

    Not sure if this is an older photo but I know I haven’t seen it yet. Jason Sellers with a dope one of Sol Smith from last year. Nose bonk footjam rear tire grab much? Probably not…real fun looking combo. Composition is real good in this too with the lighting, background and angle!

    April 23rd

    When I saw these flicks this morning all I could think about was the silver man from San Francisco. You know…the one that spray paints himself silver and does the robot down by the piers. Sol is officially on BB17 now and as such tossed up some flicks on Ninja Cats. Sure has been a lot of linking to Ninja Cats today…they’re doing things! These are more Falski flicks tooooo.