• kris
    December 24th

    Looks like Kareem wanted to give everyone a little gift this year. Southern Safari…the best freestyle roadtrip video to date…is online. For free. Peep and share. Flicks like this take a lot of work. Click the image or right here for the video!



    July 16th

    Kareem’s section is next up in the BMH web upload. I still remember that watermelon 4Loko build from when the nasty malt beverage was getting pulled off the shelves left and right. Some hefty rails in this especially for 2011. For more good make sure to peep Southern Safari…might be the best $8 you’ve spent in a while.


    June 4th

    Fixed Mag. is getting its 15th issue together set to release the end of June. The cover shot of Tom from the Southern Safari video is too sick and well captured by Trace Taylor. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled here for when the issue drops…looks like there’s going to be some solid content to flip through.

    March 18th

    Kareem just opened up the embed for the Southern Safari trailer I posted about over the weekend. If you haven’t bought this video yet you need to. The production on this is top notch and you know the dudes get wild…it is a Loose Nuts trip. Don’t want to spoil anything but everyone goes in on this with big shit from Tom and Torey, hard bails and big rails from Kareem and Miles with some next level bike control. There’s a bunch of rad spots and plenty of good b roll stuff you expect in a road trip video. Man I want to go to Five Guys again after watching this. GO BUY THIS NOW! Support the real shit.



    March 16th

    I’m on the shittiest of internet connections right now but you can bet ill be buying this tomorrow. The newest Loose Nuts Team video “Southern Safari” just hit the web. Judging by the trailer this was one successful road trip and I’m sure the video is killer. GO BUY THIS!…it’s only $8…RIGHT HERE.



    March 14th

    Kareem posted up this flick on instagram earlier which means something epic is on the way. A bunch of pro dudes went on a wild road trip a while back…we’ll finally be getting to see what went down. I’ve ridden this spot and can tell you that wall is no fucking joke. Super steep with quick transition. So sick. Glad I was able to track down the full size on John’s spot!