• kris
    January 28th

    Track bike crits certainly aren’t going anywhere. Spain’s Criterium Valencia saw a good turnout and a few spills making for a stellar event. The weather will be changing soon so expect crit season in full effect!


    March 18th

    Spain’s crit scene looking brutal as even in this teaser for the upcoming second installment of Criterium Valencia. If you can get there this looks like a hell of weekend coming in June. Keep up with the event here or hit the official instagram for the daily!



    February 11th

    With spring on its way all I can think about lately is bike adventures like this one here from The Roosters. After seeing the trailer for this last week I’ve been itching to give it a look for a little trip motivation. These dudes sure as hell had a good time making their way from Madrid to Bordeaux over four days. I won’t be making it to Europe any time soon but you can bet I’ll be chasing some of this scenery. Hit their page for more or give them a follow for the daily!



    February 2nd

    Going to be waiting for this one to drop from the Roosters adventure crew. These dudes definitely know how to have fun embarking on some wild two wheeled trips. They’re upcoming release will follow them 357 kilometers as they trek through Spain from Madrid to Valencia. Some epic shots in this quick bit so be sure to stay tuned for the real deal!



    October 8th

    All I’ve wanted to do for some time now is a rad bikepacking/multiple day trip like this one here from The Roosters. These dudes buckled down and made the 400+ mile trek from Madrid to Bordeaux in just 4 days. Looks like one hell of a trip with more than enough views to make it worth it. Dig this…


    February 25th

    After yesterdays race I’m up for some alleycat footage. 11 miles through Madrid would be so sick. I don’t care if it sounds lame but I still dig seeing other cities through videos like this. Looks lie a fun race.


    December 7th

    If you grew up skateboarding there’s no doubt you know who Danny is. He’s still out shredding hard too! In this little piece he’s on two wheels cruising around Barcelona set to some chill jazz type tunes. Mellow and a pretty neat look at real cool city. Definitely spotted this at 14 Bike Co.

    September 27th

    Not really sure what is going on here other then it’s a hip hop show in Barcelona. Pretty crazy they are on a stage doing tricks.


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    September 16th


    Essentially a bicycle parking garage with restricted access. From the site:

    With all those in mind who are fed up with having their bicycles stolen and vandalised, we have opened a parking space exclusively for bicycles: My Beautiful Parking.

    The parking space, “My Beautiful Parking”, is open 24 hrs a day, 365 days of the year, including leap years. This is how it works: each user is provided with a card that allows him/her to enter the premises to park or retrieve his/her bicycle when it suits him/her. This card contains the following information of the user: full name, number of national identity card, address and telephone number.

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