• kris
    July 1st

    Spike Parts may have been putting some focus on their track goods as of late but they’re still keeping up on the fixed freestyle front as well. Their newest addition comes with the release of their super clean  26″ fork. Digging how smooth the lines are on this…swoop here!



    -AXLE TO CROWN LENGTH:408mm/16.06〞
    -OFFSET: 20mm
    -COLOR:ED BLACK, Metallic Silver



    April 15th

    Spencer upped this shot of Steven hitting that weirdy double peg bar in his recent Spike edit. I know when I saw this I had to watch it a few times. Just that sick and something I’ve never seen before. Good shit Matt this is sickkk!


    April 9th

    Damn! This Spike edit Steven put together down in AZ is so fire. Some next level tech stuff in here and a lot of oppo clips make this one of my favorite edits so far this year. That nose to wheelie bar thing on that block was nuts and of course that ender is fucking rad. Got to be hard to hop into that double with your stem not tight.  So dig this.


    April 3rd

    BB17 upped this shot of Jakob doing it big for the Spike brand. The setup and lighting on this are dope. Makes the ad pop for sure. More on the Spike spot!


    January 16th

    Just grabbed this shot of the new Spike Savage bars from the Spike flickr. There was a time when 4 piece bars were on the come up. I remember Mike Schmitt having some made a while back and everyone asking about them. At least I think that happened haha. Anywho these new jawns from Spike look rad. Hit the BB17 flickr for more photos and Spike for the info! Jruff‘s bike be looking all purdy and stuff.

    July 16th

    Here’s one from over the weekend that needs to go up! Sol repping BB17 and Spike in this undeniably raw piece. Such a buck style going for everything in this. A few cool and creative hits in here as well. Sol don’t play games! Hiyameow.

    June 20th

    Caught this sick flick of Torey on the Spike Parts blog this morning. This appears to be no ordinary nose manual with that curb at the end. Want to see some footy of this…looks like he nollied out of this which would be way cool.

    April 23rd

    Yesss! This is such a sick welcome edit from Oscar for BB17 and Spike. Intro just might be the best ever. Hahaha. Some really cool stuff in here as to be expected from Oscar and the Ninjacats crew. I’ve been wanting to do those natas spins for a while…look so sick. Too much good stuff in here so you just have to check it if you haven’t yet!