• kris
    June 16th

    If you’re getting geared up (pun!) for this weekend’s SF Sprints this proper recap from last year’s races should help! A full look at the days festivities from leg warmups to gritting teeth. Keep up with the daily here




    February 17th

    Sacramento’s Beer Week is just a couple of weeks off and the friends at Bike Dog Brewing are kicking it off proper. They’ve teamed up with Revolights to bring goldsprints back to town for another round. Come out March 2nd for a night of fast spinning and bit of sippin’!


    December 1st

    Back in October the crew at Revolights packed their box truck to the brim with bikes and hit the road. After a layover in Sacramento for the first of two Goldsprint events they were ready for the long haul up to Chrome PDX for the sequel. I was lucky enough to tag along for the festivities and came back with this little number from what was a damn fun trip filled with bikes and beers. Tune in to the friends at Revolights for more and keep an ear to the ground for more fun coming soon…




    Black Lips – “Bad Kids”

    October 24th

    It’s been some time since I hit the road for some bike fun so you can bet I’m stoked to be up north this weekend with the Revolights crew.  After a rad turnout for the Sac sprints (more on that later!) we hit the road yesterday bound for PDX and a few days of two wheeled wildness. Here’s a handful of shots from yesterday’s drive and todays first day bouncing around town before sprints tonight at Chrome. A handful of shots in the mix from my dude Lucas…including my nasty rear wheel!



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    April 29th

    I’m up for waiting to see the final video for this right here. Bring your own bike. No fork stands. Sprint. Sounds pretty epic inside a bar like this…I dig.



    March 25th

    Found a couple cool videos from this years Fixed Days. Looks like a good turnout for the three day fixed gear fest held in Berlin. Dig that there’s such a diverse amount of bike stuff going on for just about everyone to be into something. Freestyle tricks in the first and a good mix of the whole event second flick down.




    December 16th

    Sprints are one of the best events all around. Easy to set up, no course mapping and they end up being as fun as these Aye Caramba Sprints. Support your local events!





    December 9th

    Looks like a rad sprint event for the Chrome_20 pop up hub down south. Sprinting uphill no joke but it looks like everyone who showed up had a fun one. Peep more on the pop up Hub here!



    December 7th

    Video from the fourth SF Sprints series eent this past June. The homies from Pedal Hard were out in full force with Jordan Yee and Tyler Marchesano taking two of the four top spots. Looks like a fun one out at the Golden Gate polo fields. Thanks for shooting this over Jordan!



    September 1st

    Last night’s GOLDen Sprints didn’t go exactly to plan. After unsuccessfully going through two computers we had to postpone till next month. A little group ride /hang out took the place of what may have gone down like the PRFixes sprints below. Looks like a good time and next month we’ll be ready to go!