• kris
    August 20th

    Here’s a final update for yall on my Eighthinch chromo sprocket! I’ve been running this little guy for about nine months now and don’t have a bad thing to report. Here’s a few photos and a little write up so you can peep these before you buy one! Click through for the full review and flicks…

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    June 27th

    These new sprockets from Eighthinch have been in the works for a bit now and are finally available! I’ve been cruising on one of these since last year and haven’t had any issues with it so far! They’re dropping these in a range of sizes including 25, 28, 33, 36 and 39t. Pretty much covered the bases there. Hop over and pick one of these bad boys up for just $40…cheaper than a lot of other sprockets out there.

    May 31st

    It’s been about 6 months since I tossed the Eighthinch Chromo splined sprocket on the trick whip. I’ve been beyond impressed with how this beast has held up. I put in work on this thing just about every day whether it be doing tricks or couriering during the week. As far as I can see there are no bends or cracks in the sprocket, no warping and very little wear on the sprocket teeth. No insert means no slipping so absolutely no issues with that! These little guys are milled 4130 and 48 spline for your BMX cranks. I’m currently running a 33t with my 12t Eighthinch cog and love it. Check these when Eighthinch drops them as you wont be disappointed!

    December 13th

    I recently got all my new Eighthinch bits up on my bike so I’ll be upping a few posts in the next few hours showing you what’s good from the dudes! Here’s the new proto sprocket that I’m so loving right now. No more steel insert in an aluminum sprocket. This beast is solid cromo and 48 splined to keep things stiff and running right. I also got my 12 tooth cog on there that they dished out a while back along with some raw 170mm cranks to keep it fresh. Stoked on having some more leverage and a way tighter gearing of 33×12. This is seriously the most solid drivetrain I’ve ever had without a shadow of a doubt. Look for these sprockets to be dropping here real soon.

    July 22nd

    The dudes at Eighthinch have your back on getting your ride rolling. I’ve actually had quite a few people ask me how I go about doing this. Maybe I’ll just direct them to this from now on haha. If you’re digging these cranks go swoop a set here!

    March 16th

    A bit more from the iMiNUSD front…a nice stock of tree lite sprockets now available. 36, 39 and 42 tooth while they last!

    February 19th

    The rare pieces by tree-lite are in a iMiNUSD…39t. Hopefully the arent gone by the time you read this!

    December 5th

    Volume fixed gear sprockets (36, 46 & 48t) These are prototypes so there will still be a couple of changes on it but overall this is what they’ll look like.

    September 29th