• kris
    September 23rd

    I really liked the first part of this series featuring Kyle Murphy and this spotlight on Katie Arnold is just as proper. Take a glimpse into the 29 year olds focus and drive with team Stanridge and Red Hook Crit. This girl rips, the bike is too nice and holy shit does this make me want to go ride around Brooklyn again…



    June 17th

    Always a treat to see something flashy on the wall when I pop into Pedal Hard. This sweet Stanridge Speed showed up for Jeff Guitarte of the team and it’s too nice not to share. What you can’t see is the teat decal on the reverse to match the shop colors. Hopefully I can get a something better than a phone flick once this thing is up and moving!


    March 28th

    This year’s Stanridge builds came out looking pro as hell adorned with artwork from the world famous Eine. These race machines will be circling the course at Red Hook this weekend and you can bet they’ll be gunning for gold with riders Katie Arnold at the helm. Hopefully we can get #yungfixie to snap some real life photos of these tomorrow!


    February 18th

    Pretty sure the Red Hook Crit collabos are some of the coolest things at the yearly event. This year Stanridge teamed up with world famous artist EINE for more sweet rides to sow off at the race. Last year’s winner Evan Murphy and pro racer Katie Arnold will be piloting the beasts this time around. Peep the teaser below and stay tuned for more!



    October 24th

    Taking photos this time of year can be difficult. After working all day there isn’t much in the way of good natural light for shooting something as nice as Shawn’s Stanridge Speed MKII. We tried from some photos one evening a couple weeks back just as the sun was dropping below the building.

    We weren’t too stoked on the result but this thing is just too clean not to share at least a couple of them. Hopefully we can knock out some fresh ones this weekend and the Do You Even race!


    October 3rd

    Met up with Shawn Remy yesterday to shoot his awesome new Stanridge Speed track setup. He wasn’t quite finished putting the beast together so this is more of a preview as we’re going to get some proper daylight shots today. Anywho, Shawn’s been eagerly waiting his  custom MKII since before the start of summer. Understandable when you’re getting the first bike of it’s kind plus a few little personal extras. Hand built in Columbus Ohio this looks fucking amazing with its NJS inspired flecked paint and reverse decal for that added touch. He went went all in on this buying everything new from Dura Ace hubs to fresh Omniums. Worth noting that the Columbus 2014 tubing used on this is the first to have the accompanying “Ohio” added to the brand sticker. Pretty rad. A low res gallery after the click and the full size set is right here…plus another set on its way!

    Thanks to Shawn for linking up and Robbie at Pedal Hard for busting his ass last night to get this thing rolling.


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