Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 1:38 pm

State Bicycle Co | Eroica California.

Posted by: kris

It doesn’t get more “classic” that the annual Eroica California ride and the slew of vintage rides that come with it. This year State Bicycle sent Alex Steadman to take on the 80+ miles on on of their Retro Re-issue rides styled as a pre 1987 single speed. Though most took the challenge on geared bikes the rolling hills and greenery make this an epic coastal route at any pace. Definitely some good motivation in this to get out and catch some rays!



Friday, June 17th, 2016 10:43 pm

State Bicycle Undefeated II.

Posted by: kris

State Bicycle with a recent version of their popular Undefeated frame. The Undefeated II comes in a race ready complete in updated colors. Losing two pounds from it’s predecessor this is a deal at under $1000. Peep the completes and framesets here!


Tuesday, December 29th, 2015 5:04 pm


Posted by: kris

Hacheon Park shows us the city lights of Seoul in this new flick for State Bicycle. Some great colors and quick peddalin’ as he takes to the night with Jayful for a spin ’round his home town…


Tuesday, December 29th, 2015 3:41 pm

State Bicycle x Road Runner Tool Roll.

Posted by: kris

Road Runner has been on a roll lately (pun intended!) ow teaming up with State for these fresh tool rolls. Available packed up as a kit or flying solo these 1000D cordura companions are built to last. Three colors to choose from and handmade with care pop over to swoop!


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Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 3:08 pm

Testing | State Bicycle Thunderbird CX.

Posted by: kris

After my recent bikepacking trip to Yosemite I’ve been itching for more adventures. While the State’s Thunderbird is a cyclocross rig it should do just fine on some upcoming summer campouts…and a race or two! More of this bad boy once it’s rollin’ so pop over to give Thunderbird a once over…




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Thursday, November 29th, 2012 12:57 pm

State Bicycle Co: El Toro.

Posted by: kris

State has definitely proven that they’re more than a flash in the pan internet bike company time and again. With creative bits like this coming out on the regular you can tell they about it. This ones a cool ride through the city at night. Looks fun.