• kris
    October 5th

    Steadfast crew with some fresh stuff out of Sapporo, Japan! Been seeing quite a bit of street riding again as track bikes make a move back to the urban environment. Always stoked on a glimpse into other scenes around the world. Hit Steadfast to stay up on these dudes!


    November 5th

    Super good one from the Steadfast crew with Slum up in the mix. Some seriously dope stuff from Matt. Tech on lock for days. Dig the cruising through the city as well…gets me stoked to be back out there this weekend!

    October 3rd

    Coming our way from Steadfast is easily my favorite edit in a while. Funny straight kills it in this one without a doubt. Feebs 180 to long slider down looked so dope. Lots of other good stuff in the mix from everyone at some of the most bonkers spots I’ve seen. So many possibilities on all those weirdy features.

    September 6th

    Caught this nicely tucked gap shot on the Stdfst flicky today. Looks like a fun spot and a decent little gap. Just about to hop out for the rest of the day so this is perfect.