• kris
    April 8th

    To say that I listen to music by either of these guys “steadily” is probably an understatement haha. Id be willing bet that i listen to some amount of Circa Survive, Sound of Animals Fighting, Good Old War or Anthony‘s solo stuff on the daily…its kind of embarrassing. To try to keep this from becoming a novel length post about music (which would be easy to do) ill try keeping it short and simple with some info and my favorite bits.

    Good Old War were going to be the main focus for this piece. However, when I got to thinking about them I was reminded of how i found out about them…via a post by Anthony Green. After reading his post, on myspace or something like that haha, i came across this video for Coney Island off GOW’s first album The only Way to be Alone. Game over…i was hooked.

    Off that album my favorite song is probably “Weak Man” with Anthony Green and Dave Davidson from Maps and Atlases. Gotta love when some of your favorite artists come together to make good shit.

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    January 3rd

    Ive long been a fan of the Chicago based Maps & Atlases for their blend of math/pop/indie business. Their 2006 “Trees, Swallows, Houses” had me hooked and i’ve been a fan of their upbeat tunes ever since. If you’re into Tera Melos there’s a real good chance you’ll dig these dudes too (and likely already have heard of them). As their albums have progressed their sound has gotten a little cleaner and a little less “mathy” but its all still there and perfect for rolling around to.

    (Note: Watch ’em all…you probably won’t be disappointed :))

    Id have to say my favorite song (if i must) off “Trees” has to be The Ongoing Horrible for which this video was done a bit back…i seriously get chills watching it sometimes haha. Love the guitar work.

    Ted Zancha (below) off their second album is solid though i think Artichokes is probably my favorite off that bit…which can be seen here.
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    September 20th

    My fondness for J’s music goes back a bit to his previous installment…Brother. It’s been a while since he and Nick went their own ways but I still rock the Brother stuff regularly (a video for one of my faves “Trees” is below). Nick is now moving along Religious Girls and Summer Blondes with his counterpart, Jordan, developing simply as “J. Irvin Dally“. J’s stuff is mellow, a little escapist and a lot of real damn good. A few days ago Sacramento’s TErroreyes put up a nice little session of “Blue/Grey” from atop a Sacto stoop. You can grab the 8 song J. Irvin Dally EP Despistado here…its well worth the 5 bucks!

    I’ve also posted another one of Sean’s (TErroreyes) videos below for the above mentioned Religious Girls. Their stuffs real good as well. Check the music section on his site…his videos are quality as are the artists he works with.

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    September 15th

    I dont really do too many music posts but im thinking that when i do this the title they’ll go under. Maybe ill put some tracks up more often…say once every couple weeks? I promise to do mostly newer music too…with the exception of today’s bits.

    Anywho, both of these are a bit older but are making a sort of resurgence in my music as of late. Theyve always been favorites but seem to get me motivated to do stuff right now. Ha.

    Dusty Brown – “This City is Killing Me”. This was released on a free EP a few months back if you want to snag it. Mellow and interesting…sort of lets the mind wander.

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