• kris
    August 20th

    Steven’s been running the tech game for some time now and it’s easy to see why. His Stay Strapped part is creative beginning to end with some of the best combos yet. Click. Play. Repeat!


    March 23rd

    This is one of the secret bits on Chop Em Down’s Can’t Fool the Youth 3 DVD. Would be hard to argue that Steven’s got some of the best balance in the game with lines like this. Peep more freestyle good in CFTY 3!



    January 30th

    JBall rolled out to sunny Arizona for a little fixed freestyle tripping recently. Rather than dropping a quick edit he went all in for a full length feature. Awesome spots and even better riding form the dudes the whole way through. Spot halfway through looks too damn fun! Check this and hit SMC for more FGFS good!



    January 16th

    Steven Jensen’s been on another level since popping onto the freestyle scene years back and it’s certainly easy to see why. He’s been out catching clips with Matt Spencer out in AZ for this fresh Spike piece. Making everything look effortless start to finish at some fresh spot. Chainless kickflips look wild and the ice stall to bar was about as proper as that last clip!



    May 1st

    Jball is still releasing some photos from the Us Versus Them trip to Thailand a few weeks back.  More cool looks at the culture over there as the dudes bounced around on their bikes. Jensen vs. Jonathan Davis photo is too clutch. The rest here!



    January 20th

    State enlisted Steven Jensen to toss around their new Shockwave fixed  freestyle ride. Looks like he had some fun and in this and overall it’s well put together. Might not ride like his SKYLMT but he definitely gets down with some good tricks. Check their new stuff here.



    October 30th

    Colby just shot over a link to the new Steven Jensen bars that hit the web today. No more pre orders this is the real deal and they’re ready to go. Diggin’ the angles on these. Hit SKYLMT to swoop a set!



    October 16th

    The time has come to drop some money on these Steven Jensen SKYLMT bars. Some of the best looking bars on the market with those engraved logos. Pre-order them right here.



    July 31st

    Think I’ve seen this  before but Matt posted up this cool “bowl” shot yesterday. Looks like it could be a SKYLMT ad with Steven Jensen cruising below him at what I’m pretty sure is out in the Arizona desert. More iPhotos here.


    July 22nd

    Kareem sent through the last of the Big Money Hustlaz parts yesterday with Steven Jensen and Tom Lamarche. Steven’s part still kills with tailwhips and stuff like that double peg bar uprail around 3:20. Prettys sure that was a fixie first.






    Tom’s style is really fucking raw so you know he goes for it his BMH part. Still on 700s back in 2011 but looking good no matter. Curved wallride and a the dirt park stuff are too sick. For more from the Loosenuts crew check out Southern Safari. Won’t be disappointed.