• kris
    April 1st

    The Heavy Pedal starting spring off just right with a couple cool releases. Design inspired CMYK sticker packs just dropped today following up the recent DJ Screw approved Lean  Team bottles. You can sip on the bottles here and swoop a pack of sticks here!


    October 2nd

    If you haven’t popped into the SKYLMT webstore on the new site you might have missed some rad new stuff. The key chains that have been floating around for a while are up for grabs along with the new SKYLMT Grip. Hit the store for more. That grip is too clean!



    January 27th

    They come in white and black for $1USD here.


    November 2nd


    Clever idea. There has just been so much hate around fixed gears, at least around Sacramento anyway. They are for preorder over at Fixed Gear Switzerland. for 5 Euro you get 4 stickers.

    Thanks Pedal Consumption for finding this.

    October 8th

    I want me one of these stickers.

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