• kris
    January 12th

    I’ve been a fan of the Affinity crew since visiting their NYC hub a few years back. A solid brand that has been steadily killin’ it over the years. If you’ve got an affinity (see what I did there?) for the brand swoop a set of their new decals here!


    May 20th

    Support the grassroots stuff and swoop one of these Gutter Butter sticker packs. Nicks been on it lately upping all sorts of stuff. Hop over to their store to check some shirts and of course some of that slick stuff.


    April 22nd

    Haven’t had stuff in the store for a minute. These button and sticker packs are up in the store now and just the first of a bunch of stuff on its way in the next month. Lagged a little but ride a lot this weekenddd. The vinyl on the stickers is an assortment of 7 different colors. The buttons are designed to be pinned together or separate. In each pack for $4 you’ll get:

    – (1) LC Skull Button
    – (1) Shred Til Yer Dead button
    – (2) Two small OG Letter stickers (colors assorted)
    – (1) Large OG Letter sticker (colors assorted)

    December 3rd

    Balhogs never disappoints with their outside the box ideas that are super practical. Looks like they just released a nice little sticker pack just in time for Christmas. Grip strip and a couple sticks. Well worth the 5 bones. Grab it hereee.

    November 2nd

    Zach sent these over to me last night and I’m pretty sure these are my favorite of the Zlog sticks. I’m just kind of a sucker for vinyl cut logos that’s for sure. Grab some of these in the Zlog Boutique!

    August 9th

    I love stickers. Like literally. They’re covering just about everything I own from computers and phone to bags and bikes. Chari just dropped some fresh ones so grab them if you’re trying to support the NYC dudes!

    July 9th

    I remember when Matt released some shots of this design a while back and thinking how sick it was. He didn’t say what he was going to do with it but for now it looks like he got these done up into some dope sticks! Hit the wolfdrawn store to snag a few…I’m on it.

    June 7th

    As I was going through some boxes from my last move this week I came across some lockedcog stickers! A lot of these will be going into the sticker/button packs in the next week or so. Howeverrr…if you’re trying to swoop one before they end up in the store shoot me email before the end of tomorrow and I’ll send them out. After these run out a new design will be on the way!

    October 18th

    Such a good idea! I’m positive these are better than the ones you get a Dimple too haha. Get some Zlog swag one the cheap from the good ol’ Zlog Boutique. $60 for a tee, tank, shades, beanie and some fresh sticks is a steal!

    September 6th

    It’s been forever since I had some little guys for yall to slap around on things. Like years. Haha. I have a ton of these that I still have to prep and likely more on the way. I’ve got a whole ton of them. These are coming in white and gray plus a small and a big boy size. They’ll be up in the store here soon as I get things on the up. If you see me I’ll shoot you some but you gotta find me :).