• kris
    August 5th

    Two of Portland’s finest in this Still Pour split edit. Saw that Taylor was upping this earlier and knew we were in for something. Devin’s stall 2:59 looked dirty as hell and Taylor slays the caveman game.Give this one a couple of clicks through its real good.



    June 17th

    Anthony Combs was in out here in Portland, OR for a couple days and I got to kick it and ride a little with him while he was chillin with Item-B! Things were all fun until tubes were popping, axles snapping, and motorcycles tipping. None the less tho, the main man at Item-b got some real sick shots in that short time check em out!


    May 21st

    Here’s your chance to get some free shit for just riding around and taking photos. Mon of Still Pour just joined the team contributing to the site so we figured we’d give away some goods to celebrate. If you follow us on instagram you may have seen the #spotlurkin hashtag before when we’re out looking for new spots. Some time before the end of Friday this week post up a flick of your bike at one of your spots along with @lockedcog x #stillpour #spotlurkin. It’s that easy. We’ve got four Still Pour DIY DVDs, a Fixie Money shirt and a bunch of stickers to give away so hop on this!


    May 17th

    HEY GUYS! This’ Ramon (aka MoN) and your main man Mr.LockedCog (Kris) invited me to start posting some sweet fixie vids, flicks and pretty much whatever else I freakin want, but not really. 0_O

    I thought I’d start my postings with this amazing edit that Jackson Bradshaw put together from our trip to San Francisco and the FOAD and STILL POUR collab chaos that ensued. Both of our groups went down to the SFC totally winging it and ended up cramming 9 dudes and 9 bikes in a hotel room for the weekend. Beyond the manly smells and lack of space, we made sure we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest! Click play and ENJOY!


    May 13th

    Always up for another Ride + Style edit especially when it’s coming from the Still Pour dudes. Pretty sure they had the best trip to the event driving that behemoth of a van down from Portland. Dig me some road trip videos.



    Here’s a little edit from their stop at Balboa too. So rad being on the road and stopping to hit shit along the wayyy.


    May 9th

    So I’ve had a little something in the works with the Still Pour dudes and Mon especially as of late. However, Devin caught this flick on the Sunday after Ride + Style and it pretty much captures what the weekend was all about. Homies, good people and getting together to support what you love. This group shot is really what’s good. We ran to the streets to get this a couple times in between traffic lights and it was totally worth it. FGFS 2013 bitches.

    April 9th

    This is a long one from Mon but you know its good! B roll and bails plus a few rad clips mixed in. Slaylors 180 up cab into feeble looks so steezy. Sure we can all relate to smashing you bike into your business lime Ramon did haha. Well worth watching all the way through…good shit dudes! Portland has a solid scene now with the Still Pour dudes that’s for sureee.


    March 20th

    Every time I see this wall I think of how I drove right past it…bikeless…a while back and wanted to ride it soooo bad. Taylor getting perpendicular in this shot form the Still Pour spot a few days back. So sick.


    March 8th

    Always stoked for some Still Pour stuff and this afternoon/evening with Mon is perfect for a Friday afternoon. I’m just about off the clock and this is exactly what I do every day…especially after a long Friday. Spot at 1:30 is nothing like what I get to ride on my way home though that for sure. Looks super fun. Always dig stuff from these guys.


    February 22nd

    Devin Tolman with quick one for Still Pour. This l0oks a lot like the last clip in this right here.  Except a whole lot mossier.