• kris
    June 4th

    This is a little random but too damn good no to post. Looks like Sean Coat’s bike was snagged and after a 10 minute chase and a stranger with a gun they got it back. So hesh. So sick. Pulled this from Antonyo’s Instagram.

    January 16th

    My friend Jamie had her bike stolen Saturday. If you see it around shoot me an email to kris@lockedcog.com. Let’s get this thing back!


    December 7th

    If you’ve seen “The Bicycle Thief” (or “Bicycle Thieves” as its sometime listed) this will probably be a lot better. If not maybe some of the cheesy knocks at modern technology will get you to crack a smile…because there really is nothing else bike related in this. Ha. Anywho, “The Bicycle Thief” is pretty much man gets job, needs bike for job, bike is stolen, thief not prosecuted, man desperate, man steals bike, man gets caught and man ends movie with no bike. This piece is a satire of the Vittorio De Sica film. It made me chuckle.

    November 9th

    Last night about 8 my bike was grabbed from the Taco Bell on Broadway here in Sac. I had it sitting in front of the door a few feet away under one of the security cameras and tuned around from the soda machine to see someone riding off on it. Certainly should have been locked up but being without a lock at the time and having it in such close proximity and in plain site i didnt think someone would be able to grab it while i filled up my drink. Obviously i was wrong :/. I chased the guy a good six blocks before i ran out of breath…it helped that he didnt know what he’d taken and looked like a complete idiot riding it. Anywho, he looked to be a dark skinned man wearing a red jacket and headed into the Midtown area when I lost him. There may be video of him which i will hopefully be able to get but in the mean time this is exactly what my bike looked like. If you see it around or know anything shoot me an email to: kris@lockedcog.com . I will be giving a cash reward for its return! Thanks.

    October 22nd

    My buddy Russ sent me a text last night telling me his bike was snagged at school. He doenst have a photo of it (its pretty new :/ ) but its the same color as the one below. Specs on his build down there too…

    “It was a blue splatter size large (53) volume thrasher on dual 26 chukkers with 26×1.85 michelin city tires and a white stickered up fumanchu
    No boss cranks with a 44t tree lite
    odyssey wolf seat
    white odyssey pedals with grey and black hold fast
    octane one bars with odi long neck grips and a truvativ stem

    any and all information is helpful. Again i live in the sacramento area and if you see a thrasher that looks a little out of place pm me on here or here’s me email


    If you have any info please hit him up! Ive had a couple bikes stolen so i know this sucks and hed be real psyched to have this thing back!

    May 17th

    These were originally for a bike check…but brads bike got snagged frinday night after BFF.

    V2 Scrambler
    S&M Pitchfork
    Eighthinch Proto Cranks
    Eighthinch stem
    Chuckers to formulas
    Shadow seat
    Eastern pedals

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    April 15th

    Some of the anti-car individuals should get a kick out of this. Seen next to the sidewalk while walkin the mutt.

    March 7th

    This gave me a good few smiles. Well edited explanation of when it is and isnt okay to steal a bike. Im not quite sure what makes the bike that is “nobodys”…well…nobodys. Aside from the shit rear wheel it didnt look all to abandoned to me. Spotted this at the Prolls place.

    December 4th




    It looks just like this but with:

    – Brand New White Julians.
    – Brand New BMX Cranks (black and look like profles)


    – Nemesis Project Trackfighter. (custom built to my measurments so it wont fit too many people)
    – Profile Imperial Sprocket.
    – Purple Nem Pro Risers.
    – White Mirra Grips.
    – White Avoset USA Seat (same as a turbo)
    – Specialized Stem
    – Chrome Landing Gear Fork.

    Im so fucking pissed right now. The bike was taken literally off my porch. Ran inside for 5 minutes and came back out to have it gone. Two of my friends bikes were still there untouched. In order to pick it up youd have to walk though a gate and past my door so im thinking it may have been someone visiting one of the other units in my building. We leave our bikes outside my door all the time while we use the toilet and such. 5 fucking minutes! Most of this shit is brand new…just put the wheels and cranks on last night. Please please please be on the look out for it. Ill give someone a gift if they can track it down. At the moment I dont even have enough stuff to put a bike together. Ill be walking for a minute.

    Email me at kris@lockedcog.com if you happen across anything. Or call me at 916-20seven-6two00.

    October 12th

    With my front wheel still posted on the back of a milk carton…Noah from EighthInch sent me out some of their 48h Julians to beat up. Rode them for a couple day and they’re damn solid. Review to come…


    I was also pleasantly surprised to find…
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