• kris
    April 10th

    Amazing work as per usual Rapha style. Some seriously good shooting, editing, art and the tunes are dope with Mogwai. I pasted the video description below but you’ll have to check the Rapha spot t see the full version. Trust me it’s worth it. Duh.

    Visual artist Antony Crook, in collaboration with Rapha and RSA Films, presents Knock for Knock.

    Shot in Tokyo, with a soundtrack from Mogwai and a script written by long-distance cyclist James Bowthorpe, the film represents a sportsman’s fight against his inner demons.

    “We thought of this as a sequel to 30 Century Man [Crook and Bowthorpe’s last collaborative film] – a journey again… Knock For Knock looks inwards, into memory, into fear and fighting it.”
    – James Bowthorpe

    March 21st

    I hope this keeps rolling on…this kind of stuff is way cool. Everyone has something that got them into riding bikes, or a story of where they snagged their first ride, so why not share it? More to come on the Cyclists Project.

    September 16th

    I like this…its a good little short. I was pondering a nap before i watched it…now that nap has been confirmed.