• kris
    June 3rd

    I was trolling flickr a bit ago for track stuff and came across benz W L’s photostream. The Bomber pro below sucked me until I noticed that there’s a lot of really cool track stuff on there. Things like the Suntour wheel covers below and lots of other NJS goodies. Was pretty cool to look through…in a very track bike mood tonight ha.

    May 23rd

    Ive always had a thing for Bridgestone frames and I’m not entirely sure why. Road or track they always come out looking way clean. Check Frederick’s build right here that is looking real nice. I’m drooling over those wheels with the Suntour hubs too…favorites of the NJS stuff! Real clean dude and I bet it rides super smooth.

    May 4th

    I’ve always had a soft spot for vintage Suntour groups/parts…Superbe stuff in particular. There’s just something about look of these hubs that I’m really into. Ian Wallace has some fine flicks of these bad boys on his flickr. Jump over to his stream to check out shots of these and some other fine track parts. Man do I want a whole Superbe group!