• kris
    February 5th

    A really cool inteview over on redbull with Ted James aka “Super Ted”. He’s a wild dude and can shred just about anything on two wheels….usually hand made by the man himself. Hop over to peep some more photos of this rad as hell BMX he whipped up.





    …and just for good measure here’s some old school super Ted with Juliet Elliott when he was throwing down on the fixed freestyle bike.




    April 23rd

    These shots are so rad! Haven’t seen much from SuperTed in a while so these flicks are a treat for me. Apparently there’s going to be a Ninja Cats edit of Ted and his TJD 29Gnar whip. That bike looks so wicked. Can’t wait! Falski catching some sick ones as usual…

    April 25th

    Real sweet logo that ted drew himself…available on some tees shortly. Snagged from 14 Bike Co.

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    March 11th

    The second half of Mr. Watsons sit down with Super Ted…its about 10 minutes long…so together something around 16 haha. Worth it though!

    March 10th

    I was really into this when i watched it earlier. Ted talking with Prolls about bike building. Ted giving a little about what he does, 14 bike co, how he designed the ESBs and some other bit. This kind of stuff is way neato.