• kris
    October 30th

    Dope shot from the Wheeltalk house right here of Matt in Puerto Rico. Looks like a super fun spot and definitely something you don’t get to ride every day. Matt doing it proper and going big while Tak snapped it just right. Dig this one right here a ton.

    November 19th

    I’m beyond stoked to be a part of the D.A.R.T. family. Of all the “street wear” companies that took the plunge into supporting bikes Mishka in my opinion is the only ones that got it right. Like seriously. Season after season there’s a solid line of clothes that not only look super fresh but are also FUNCTIONAL when it comes to riding. Back pockets, zipper pockets, reinforced crotches and graphics that don’t make you look like a 16 year hyphy tweener. The D.A.R.T. look book this season is dope as usual with the help of Mr. Tak and some of the more prominent messengers in NYC. The fact that this was shot out on the street (check the video below) and Tak got it together like this is so sick! Check the new drops in the D.A.R.T. line and support a brand that genuinely supports cycling!