• kris
    June 16th

    Sean Martin doing it proper in this one for The Heavy Pedal. Looking good on that Zephyr bouncing around the streets of LA. Last clips was nuts! Swoop the ride here and hit TOLA for more from Sean…


    May 1st

    Good piece on the Lord of Griffith race featuring the man himself Sean Martin. Always wonder about the origins of the annual races so this is pretty cool to hear. Sounds like its only getting better…no brakes and back to the roots this year.



    February 19th

    Cool flick of TOLA’s Sean Martin rolling around LA on his new whip. He recently started repping The Heavy Pedal and has a sweet Zephyr built up. Promuting like champ…more on Take Over LA.




    February 17th

    Spotted these rad shots of Sean Martin‘s new ride on the Tracko flickr. A real clean build of the recently released Heavy Pedal Zephyr and definitely a looker. It’s not up on either of their spots yet so hit the flickr for the whole set for now!


    January 17th

    Sean over at TOLA has been hard at work sending out some rider profile questions. Was happy to answer what he threw at me and stoked for the opportunity to do a little interview. After seeing some typos I told Sean I needed to proofread…he replied “proof read? #bloggerproblems.” So perfect haha. If you care to read up click over!






    August 13th

    Riding bike to go ride bikes is how it goes when you live to ride. Follow Sean Martin as he takes a ride to get in a ride at the Encino Velodrome down south. I see you running that light!




    July 22nd

    Sean of TOLA is getting a new project underway quite quickly with some rad stuff. The new Super Galactic Cycling Squad crew will not only be upping a kit preorder come August but also taking one lucky person with them to NYC for Thanksgiving. One lucky person is going to have a golden ticket a la Willy Wonka in the SGSC Jersey that gives them a plane ticket, $100, some G&F swag and a really fucking cool opportunity. Hit their new site right here for more and the facebook to connect with the dudes. That NYC trip sounds so good.