Monday, December 31st, 2012 1:08 pm

Takeovertokyo Trickcat Coverage.

Posted by: kris

For this years installment of the Trickcat I was stoked to have my long time friend Jenn Wong out covering the event for Takeover Tokyo. She’s busy busy like a lot of us so I’ve been patiently waiting for her to drop what I’m considering the “official” photos of the event. She got a good amount of shots of everyone and plenty of candid stuff as well. Hop over to peep the rest of the gallery.

Posted by: kris

There should be some more media popping up from Saturday’s race and party but here’s the first of it. Jenn from Takeover Tokyo came out and snapped some photos of the event. Jenn and I go back some years to the SFG days so it was certainly nice to see her out and catching the action. Ill have a full recap up hopefully before I leave for interbike tomorrow but in the mean time peep these flicks and get the rest on Takeover Tokyo. I want to thank everyone that came out for the race it was a blast and everyone for all the support over the last four years for without you all this would not be possible.

First, second third and fourth up front before the race. (left to right: Jeff Morris (1st), Shawn Remy (2nd), Jeffery Crist (3rd) and Adam Beltz (4th)).

Prize Table at the 4 Year Cyclebration.

Bikes inside the Golden Bear for the party.

Andrew with the bar skills.