• kris
    August 1st

    Things have been a bit slow as we make a few tweaks and a new update to the website. You may have noticed the look has changed a bit but something fresh is right around the corner…


    In the meantime peep some track bike park fun out in Tallinn!


    July 6th

    if you’re cycling interests are at all varied (yo!) events like Tallinn Bicycle Week are a cut above the rest. From swinging polo mallets to uphill enduro there’s more than just something for everyone at Estonia’s premiere bike gathering. Quite the trek to Tallinn from the states but looks like a hell of a party…would go!



    July 3rd

    My girl and I caught this a couple of days ago and were thinking about how insane this event is. So many different kinds of urban cycling brought together for a week of fun stuff. Races, polo, a rad warehouse and a damn huge group ride hae this looking real fun.