• kris
    January 9th

    Was watching some old freestyle flicks earlier and this one came out. Still gold in here from the Destroy dudes a few years back. Brutal bails in the first half alone make it worth watching again.



    September 12th

    Ten seconds in and you know I was digging the Taylor Dwight edit from Mon. Always bringing some weird tech lines like the clip at the minute mark to keep you entertained. More goods on Still Pour and look for some new stuff Ramon as he makes his down the coast on his move back to SF. See you in Sac homie!




    August 5th

    Two of Portland’s finest in this Still Pour split edit. Saw that Taylor was upping this earlier and knew we were in for something. Devin’s stall 2:59 looked dirty as hell and Taylor slays the caveman game.Give this one a couple of clicks through its real good.



    March 20th

    Every time I see this wall I think of how I drove right past it…bikeless…a while back and wanted to ride it soooo bad. Taylor getting perpendicular in this shot form the Still Pour spot a few days back. So sick.


    February 12th

    Speaking of Tolman…he and the Still Pour dudes showed the Destroy dudes a good time while up there. Some rad riding stuff on his flickr stream as well. Looks sick up there!






    November 23rd

    Taylor! I can’t remember the last time I saw a whole edit of Mr. Dwight so this is super sick. Lots of tech in this one with a few rad wallrides. Peep this one for some Black Friday decompressing and go out and shreddd.