• kris
    March 22nd

    Daniel and Taylor getting some 3’s at Greer. Stay up on Peninsula Fixed Gear. Lookin smooth guys!

    March 12th

    Taylor delivering as always. Some good stuff in here…i think my favorite was the three tap to 360. 540 is nice too.

    January 31st

    Taylor and daniel gettin it done! Big 180s, 360s and some sick 180 bars. Dope stuff guys!

    January 26th

    Heres what i managed to get on my camera of the event…was having too much fun riding so some stuff was missed. Thanks to Alex for helping film and keeping the trip interesting. Ha.

    January 16th

    There are a good amount of us trick riders from all over the county heading out to Midwest Mayhem…and i dont doubt that a lot of people are trying to get some things dialed before we get there. Taylor floating some tricks in preparation.

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    January 11th

    Caught up with the kid boy wonder for a what was supposed to be a quick convo…that turned into an interesting story that novels are made of. Milking dogs and all.Ha.


    Taylor: 28-6-42-12?
    Me: your sizes?
    T: Donnie Darko lol.
    Me: Ohhhhhhh one of my favorite movies. Cellar door. Ok no more wasting your time.
    T: Hahah, it’s okay my time penis isn’t leading me anywere right now.

    1. Gummy bears. Whats your take on eating those tiny sugary animals?

    T: They’re really good. i mean, i’m a big fan of the red ones and the clear ones.
    Me: No go on the yellow?
    T: Yellows good, i just wouldn’t go out of my way to fish one out, like i’ll go to great lengths to get a red or clear one out of the bag.
    Me: Crossing canyons and what not?
    T: You know it.
    Me: Im more of a gummy worm person myself.
    T: Dude gummy worms are epic.
    Me: Wtf. Why didnt you say so!
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    January 6th

    Good stuff as per these two…duh.

    January 3rd

    Just stumbled upon some flicks from my thanksgiving in San Jose…some iMiNUSD and Northbayfixed rep…Mr. Taylorr was there as well. Not sure how i missed these on JPs bloggy.


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    December 2nd

    Is the nickname we are not sticking with for Mr Dwight?

    Wheel grab out…comp of this photo is good too!


    From track trick.

    November 29th

    Good shit man! Youre killing it so good. 180 bars at 3:00 are cleaaan. Good song choice too ;). 5 taps on lock? Yea i think so. We’ll have to film some stuff next time we meet up…maybe a little bit earlier than an hour before dusk haha.