• kris
    July 21st

    With some changes on the horizon and a few things in the works I’ve been looking back at old content. Here’s one of my favorite old flicks from the early days of tricks on track bikes…more info on what’s coming in the next week or so!



    January 30th

    The homie Kenny Arimoto aka Deadwood announced today that there will be a second Man Up!  FGFS event.  I was out at the last one and despite some issues with the cops it was a hell of an event. Peep some video from the first one below and check back for more on this…you can bet we’ll be there.



    November 8th

    This isn’t something I usually do but I came across some cool stuff yesterday going through old folders. Not sure if I ever posted these up but its pretty appropriate considering this did is moving back into town. Brad is a long time friend and for a couple years was a major part of the site. These shots are from 2010 back when a lot of us were making the transition from track bike to things more FGFS. Expect to see more of Brad back on here in the future as today he leaves behind the brotastic mountains of Tahoe and comes back to Sac. First ones a little whip out second is  nose pivot over a hip.