• kris
    March 29th

    The Disorderly Habits crew is primed and ready for the 2016 race season with lots of proper support. From new Roda Gira frames to Vans for when they’re in chill mode these guys are laced up head to toe. Peep this teaser of their team roster then jump here to keep up with their year…


    April 3rd

    When you combine two great brands and a handful of powerful cyclists it can only be awesome. Cinelli and Chrome have teamed up to bring us a different kind of cycling team with Team Cinelli Chrome. The crew is made up of a mix of cyclist from messengers to race mechanics all with the skills to take the years top fixed crits. Read up right here.


    February 27th

    Jake is one of the kids that I ride the most with here in Sac. I’ve watched him progress over the past couple years into a sick shredder. He’s been down with the LC since he got on a bike and still reps it. Look foe his profile as the first member of the lockedcog team once the team page goes live! There will be a bunch of stuff from him on the way so stay tuned. Some good stuff in this one dude!

    September 16th

    Repping the EighthInch is now “Crazy Brad”!


    Hahaha. Not to be confused with the lovely gentlemen who assits with bringing you…well US.

    Destructoooor of this beast (finally…damn) as well as appearing in other random media bits…
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