• kris
    June 24th

    Cadence with a bunch of new things that should get y’all buzzin’ a bit. First up is their new women’s specific Club Flow kits something never seen form the Cadence camp before. If you did the design and have a pair you can grab one to rock here as well. Rounding out the new new is the Eye of the Tiger tee that went up over the weekend…que Katy Perry then hurry up and buy!


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    April 7th

    Some cool design work on this fresh tee from Old Balance. A take on the rosary and praying hands image that’s familiar whether you’re religious or not. Dig it…swoop one here.


    May 31st

    Always been a fan of claymation and especially this green guy right here. I recently watched a few of episodes of Gumby and realized how weird the show really is. Added some greenery because “floral” print is so hot right now. Trippy mayne. Swoop some of the first batch in the store right nowww. Ups to Corbin for helping move this one along!


    October 5th

    Haven’t seen too much from the 5th Floor lately so this is a welcomed piece. These are some b-sides from the dope Hame video a few months back. Black and white for the win. B-sides…showing that real people are just real people. Sick.

    While grabbing a link for this I spotted these pocket tees. Got the championship colors on the pocket looking real nice. Pick on up here!

    September 18th

    I’m just about to head to interbike from here in Sacramento and I really wanted to get the new shirts up for sale somewhere before I left. Store for the new site isn’t quite done yet but Brian from Toro came to the rescue. He wanted to swing by to snap some photos of the tees to put in the Toro store for a bit so I was stoked. Had no idea he wanted me to be wearing them haha. Didn’t take this seriously but if you seriously want to buy one of these before the first run is gone grab one right here. I’ll also have them for sale at interbike if you see me walking around!

    August 9th

    Took a sick day yesterday so there’s some stuff I need to get up! Looks like Chrome wasn’t quite finished releasing stuff for summer and brings us some new threads. Here’s a couple shots below but you really should head to the webstore for a ton more!

    March 14th

    Brian from 19Tooth sent this over this over a bit ago. Looks like Alex Nunez is getting a nice little signature to rep the brand. Logo on the back is pretty sweet with a little Christian Hosoi like style in there. Reminds me of the old Lockedcog Zombie Tees too…only a lot sicker haha. Type treatment on the Nunez logo looks real sick too. Check the post on these here

    September 22nd

    Looking good guys! Hopefully some new designs from us here soon as well.