• kris
    March 19th

    For bikes that take a bit more of a beating it’s often convenient to have a quick release seat clamp for a bit more maneuverability on the go. Whether its dropping you cyclocross seat for a for a bit more room on a downhill or getting your track bike more dialed for some bumps this is just what you need. Paul’s QR clamp is CNC machined, rocks an internal cam and looks as good as everything that comes off their production line. We have one these on the way so stay tuned for a full review…in the mean time swoop here!

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    April 1st

    Stoked to have a fresh pair of Chrome Kursk Pros to give a go in the city. These are their most popular SPD shoes but a first for me…a closer look after a some time breaking them in. Swoop a pair of your own here!



    January 29th

    These showed up to my work on Friday courtesy of the dudes at Fyxation. Really been on the hunt for some new pedals so when I saw these I was pretty stoked. Mesa 61s are similar to BMX pedals…which is what I was looking at before…but look made more around fixed/street riding. They have a bit more room for straps and removable pins so you can set them up how you want. Bearings are smooth. Pins are grippy. Was also nice that I could toss these on with a crescent rather than a pedal wrench. Been through a couple days at work and a couple days of filming on them so far and they’re dope. More after I ride them a bit longerrr.



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    August 3rd

    Here’s some flicks of the second pair of Chrome shoes I’ll be reviewing…the Dresdens. These bad boys are what I’ll be wearing on the bike to see how they hold up to tricks and commuting. So far I’m already digging they way they feel. Nice grip on the pedals tricking (no straps ;)) and in the straps on my track bike. Low profile so you can move your feet freely and keep things light as well. Like the rest of the Chrome line these have the reflective bit on the back which is real nice. Rocking the metal tipped laces same as the Riverton’s but these guys also have metal eyelets. I figure this will be for tricking to keep em from getting too shredded. Sooo be on the lookout for a review of both these kicks side by side here in the not too distant future!

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    March 23rd

    So most of you probably know i dont run straps on my trick bike…and I’ve been running my Sofus Francisco straps on my Bianchi. That being said, when Stephen from Inso hit me up about testing these straps I still wanted to see how they rolled. I like the look of them, the simple design and definitely the price point. He ended up sending me a couple pairs of them that ill be giving to my buddies Jeffrey (Pedal Hard/Eighthinch) and Anthony (whos been filming edits with me lately). They’ll be getting down on them for a bit and ill be snagging flicks and getting feedback from them along the way. Here’s some initial shots of the straps after getting them a couple days ago. I’m pretty impressed with the craftsmanship and look of them. Good stitching, lightweight, no metal bits and a pretty rigid profile that should make getting into them smooth. Jeff has his now and Anthony will be rocking his soon so stay tuned…

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    March 21st

    So this is the bike i bought after getting my tax return instead of picking up a new camera. Looking at how quality these shots are from my phone I’m wondering if that was the right move…a certain someone was pretty convincing though haha. This thing sat at Pedal Hard for months with my name on it waiting for me to pick it up. While it waited I acquired some mice parts to test out have finally been able to give them a go for a bit. I’ll be writing a full “Testing Testing.” reviews on them this week but hopefully with some more detailed shots than what i have below. The Toro leather bar tape, Sofus Francisco straps, Yobi track ring and Selle Royal seat have all peformed great to say the least. I’ve logged at least a couple hundred miles in the past month both on long rides and crusing the streets. I’m loving this bike…but miss having a camera haha.

    Frame/Fork: 80’s Bianchi Pista (not sure on year…I’m sure someone knows!)
    Headset: Itailian made…not sure on branding.
    Bars: Nitto B123
    Bar Tape: Toro Quality Goods leather wrap
    Stem: Nitto Dynamic
    Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Record
    Cranks: Miche Primato
    Pedals: Eighthinch platforms
    Straps: Sofus Francisco Titan (lockedcog edition)
    Chain Ring: Yobi Sprinter track ring
    Seat: Selle Royal ContourRoyal
    Seat Post: Sugino SP-KC
    Wheels: Eighthinch Julian V2 (the wheels in the photos are a borrowed set but will be replaced this week)

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