• kris
    March 5th

    After meeting the Revolights dudes at last years SF Bike Expo we kept in touch with plans to work on some stuff together. Over the past month we’ve planned out something pretty cool for yall. However, before that hits the web you have a chance to help the crew be the “Hottest Startup” at this years SXSW. These dudes are dedicated to what they do and they do it well to say the least…that means they deserve your vote. If you’re lucky enough to be hitting Austin this weekend you just might run into ’em. Until then hit the link to cast your vote and check back in the new couple weeks for something pretty rad on hereee.


    April 4th

    If I lived in El Paso you can bet I’d be at this. Looks like its going to be a blast with bikes, music and beers. This just got me excited for this summer. Stuff like this should be going on regularly. A seriously cool little teaser dudes.

    Tour de Funn: An Event for Bikes, Bands, Buddies,and Beer.
    So grab your bike, get some buddies, and lets drink some beer and rock out to bands from your neighborhood, all night long.

    Rendezvous at Madeline Park (Cincinnati Ave.) @ 7:00 p.m.
    Ride Starts at 7:30 sharp.
    April 14th, 2012

    January 26th

    This is what you call FIRE. Loving what Matt is doing over at Wolf Drawn. Socal cat in the Texas sun…bringing it to ya. Prollster with some moves up in there too!

    January 17th

    Oh. God. This might be the worst fixed freestyle fall I’ve ever seen. Matt was there to catch this while they were all in Austin…stoked that Corey came through this. Some really brutal business right here! Prollster has more info on the what went down…

    January 17th

    Johhny Boy posted this sick flick of AJ up this morning. So stoked when I saw it! AJ has long been one of my favorite dude in FGFS. Super humble and has a damn sick personality. Helps that he can kill it on the bike too. Below John’s flicky is the newest edit AJ posted. He doesn’t post too much stuff to the web but when he does you know its good.

    November 10th

    Feeling nostalgic and I post this. Definitely one of the best time of my life. Do this if you can. California > Texas. Ha.

    September 27th

    Damn this all looks fun. Makes Texas look like a rad place to live for sure. John bringing the goods with some swammin, road trippin and some really good riding from A.J. Austin, Puckett and Tony Fast. Nice one duder!

    July 7th

    This might be worth the trip down to watch…the flier for this years NACCC is looking real proper.

    June 7th

    Johnny Boy posted this up earlier…gotta love it. Looks like a blast but then again thats what riding and hanging with friends should be! That cable that Tom takes to the face looks pretty nuts. Check this bad boy for a good watch…

    May 24th

    This looks like an awesome time. Tom, Tony, Peru, AJ and Prolls in Texas making beer runs for the homeless. I want to cruise around Austin but I feel like this summer is going to be brutal and all peeps are going to do is swim and drink Lone Star…confirm?