• kris
    January 11th

    Some real good freestyle coming out of Thailand from Jaoa and the Black Sunday crew. Some definite bike control from Baz here plus plenty of solid camera work to back it up!


    March 3rd

    Thailand’s fixed freestyle scene is definitely thriving right now with dudes like Petch here holding it down. Some pretty clean style in this one especially with those skid combos mixed in!


    February 18th

    Last year a few of the the Wheel Talk crew popped over to Thailand to meet up with Jaoa and see some sights. Proper riding and a good look at the culture these dudes got to experience. Feeble three from Combs was a favorite but there’s really to much packed in here to pick it apart. Looks like a hell of a trip!


    January 20th

    The final section from Chop Em Down‘s Bangkok Bound is live for the day leading into the full release. Street riding is always the best so naturally it should saved for last. JBall‘s got some of the cleanest snaps in the mix and that last rail with RSK’s is pretty wild!




    January 13th

    Thailand’s fixed freestyle scene has exploded over the past couple years. With kids like Ky’z Issaway throwing halfcab whips and some pretty wild bar combos it’s no surprise. Dig a little something like this!


    July 24th

    Well this looks like one of the best damn bike events…ever. Plenty of bike porn and some cruising in this 20 minute recap of Live to Ride‘s first “Fixed Show” event out in Thailand. Wish we had something like this here stateside!



    June 17th

    Last year at Interbike Chrome unveiled their Forged Rubber line of shoes with a rad on hand demo at their booth. Now we get an in depth look at where the project started and how they keep it running smoothly. Awesome shots from around their production base in Thailand with words Chrome’s own Steve McCallion. A perfect mix of visuals and information to get you familiar with Forged Rubber. Dig this!

    Also: Click through to watch a Forged shoe being made start to finish at Interbike last year…



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    June 7th

    Damn. This is definitely the best freestyle flick I’ve seen all week. Thailand is holding it down so good with stuff like this. BlackSunday crew coming through with some fire for the weekend…


    May 27th

    Seems like Thailand is about to be the new fixed freestyle mecca. Lots of videos popping up lately and there’s always some decent stuff in the mix. Here’s the Help YS crew with cool a one day edit. Dig it.



    May 22nd

    Dope trailer for an upcoming tour video with Thailand’s Black Sunday crew. Trip flick or not sick to see so much freestyle talent out that way…Thai scene is really booming these days. Some good clips in here so you know the real deal is going to be one to see.