• kris
    March 4th

    A quick one from the FG CN dudes with Shreshran Chen. Kids got some snappy bars and there’s some rad spots in the mix. Always into this stuff coming out of China!



    February 24th

    This quick bit from the dudes at The FG CN is dripping with style. Last line is nutty enough plus he’s got a bit of that tarck influence that’s always dope to see.


    February 16th

    Solid interview with Turf’s Mike Schmitt up on The FG CN. Rad to see a freestyle interview coming out of China. Dig the flick from the post as well…about as Bay Area as it gets. Click here for the whole dealio!


    February 10th

    Like I’ve been saying China is where it’s at these days. The FG CN usually drops fixed freestyle stuff but this bit of coverage from the “Keep on Fixed” contest is a cool look at events over yonder. Some nice bikes at the track session that’s for sure.