• kris
    December 31st

    Want to give a shout out to Kyle Messier at The Fix up north fro sending me done one of his newest tees. I really liked the ways these came out and he up and sent one out. Ill have a LC shirt headed your way after New Years. Thanks again homie! Peep his online spot for now until his physical retail spot opens up. Grab one of these sick tees here.

    December 10th

    Some fresh stuff from Kyle Messier of the Fix right here. Some good spots in the mix…sick to see continuous new spots in these edits. Might be cold up north but at least there’s a bunch of stuff to ride!

    June 22nd

    Yes! I’m not really sure what’s happening today but it must be Flashback Friday or something. Lots of tarky type old school stuff going up and then this one of Mosher coming in at the end of the day. So sick to see Tom putting something out and Kyle keeping the bits coming. Glad I popped over to TTv and caught this before leaving the office!

    June 21st

    Kyle from The Fix has been uploading quite a few little flicks lately and I’m digging it. Here’s one from last night cruising Toronto. Cool spots and a sick park up that way. Keep these coming dude!