• kris
    March 10th

    I remember when these came out as a tee some time ago and now the “Oh God” graphic can be hanging on your wall. Ty at The Foot Down nailed it with this at the height of leg over skids and aero spokes…still just as good. Grab one right over here.


    August 7th

    Pretty genius shirt idea from The Foot Down. Blue when you’re chillin and white when you’re not the Chill Out tee changes colors. Yeah pretty damn cool and apparently its super sensitive so it changes evenly as you heat up.  Swoop here for guys or girls.


    December 19th

    I kid I kid. Really though Ty did say that he literally hates Christmas haha. You may not agree but I’m pretty sure you could agree with a package of free shwag. A couple shirts, some reading material,  one of those Ass Savers fender bits and a FGL tool to keep your shit on lock. Literally. Check the deets on the Footdown…entering is easy as pie. Trust.

    June 29th

    A little more in clothing from across the pond. Here’s a new one from The Foot Down. Really liking this design…and since owls are hot right now perhaps I’ll grab one. If you fancy this get one here!