• kris
    February 1st

    If you’ve read this poor excuse for a blog for any length of time you’ve probably seen that I like just about anything that Anthony Green does. What you might not not is that I’ve also been a long time follower of the Format and now Fun…Nate Reuss’ musical outlets. I came across this today and just have to post it! Hell why not start a new series of music posts on Wednesday nights for yall. It’ll change genres so don’t fret if you aren’t into to stuff like this…I like a good amount of stuff. Enjoy this. I know i sure as hell did!

    Only Love (feat. Nate Ruess of fun.) by Photo Finish Records

    Edit: Devin reminded me of Anthony’s new video which actually has some fixed freestyle clips and what looks to be a GT in it. His new Album will have to be snagged. Thanks Devin!