• kris
    August 19th

    After a successful first event at the Golden Bear back in June we decided to make the GOLDen Sprints a permanent event. Every lastg Saturday of the month you can now find us at GB from 6-9 racing, drinking and having a good time. Have an Unknown PS1 up for grabs this month as well as some other solid stuff from the list of sponsors. See yall in just under two weeks. RSVP on the event page here!


    July 5th

    Saturday was a hell of a day getting the first event of The GOLDen Sprints series together. 100+ degree temperatures only made the computer problems, roller issues and lack of some key components that much more to overcome. Luckily with the help of some solid dudes and a hell of a lot of luck the event did go down and only a little bit later than expected. People raced,   beers were guzzled and some awesome prizes made it into the hands of some well deserved sprinters. The next event of the series at the end of July will be so much more dialed and hopefully much cooler that the “Sauna Sprints” as they were dubbed this time around. First time for a lot of people racing on freestyle bikes which was pretty rad to see regardless of the sweat pouring all over them for 3 hours straight.

    With the chaos of the day I hardly had time to do anything other than get things running let alone take photos. Luckily there were a few people there taking flicks like the ones from second place finisher Steven Lemos below. Click through for the a little gallery. Results down there too and be on the lookout for info on event #2 of the series that goes down at the end of the month. I believe we had 24 racers which is solid so thanks to everyone who made it out. See ya in a few weeks.


    1st: Tyler Marchesano

    2nd: Steven Lemos

    3rd: Tyler Zugar

    Huge thanks to all the homies that helped get shit together last minute and the sponsors that got us prizes and bike setups to use. Stoked to be able to keep this going.


    Unknown Bike Co.
    Chrome Bags
    Phil Wood Co.
    White Industries
    Destroy Bikes
    May is Bike Month
    – Pdl Hrd
    – Toro Quality Goods
    The Heavy Pedal
    – City Bikes



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    June 27th

    These shiny bits came in from Phil Wood yesterday for this weekend’s The GOLDen Sprints. Looks like things might actually come together in time and we won’t be losing our minds last minute. Stoked to have these going home with someone!


    June 24th

    Last week the framesets for The GOLDen Sprints and some nifty prizes showed up from Unknown. Vince came through with some beefy freestyle frames for us to use that should last the whole series no doubt. What’s even better? Someone might be taking one of these completely built up at the end of the events. Word is there’s also a track frame headed out for an event prize as well!



    June 18th

    These hubs came in yesterday from White Industries for The GOLDen Sprints. Real purdy polished aluminum and come complete with a 15t cog and lockring. More as prizes continue to come in…if you’re in the area make it out to win some rad stuff.



    June 14th

    Chrome’s package for The GOLDen Sprints came in yesterday and was definitely a sight. Been patiently awaiting the arrival of all the good for the event and the two District bags, shirts and Coveted jersey make the pot for the winners that much better. Stoked.